March 27, 2023

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's setting to mark a conversation as lost or won

Manually mark conversations as won or lost

Although FirstQuadrant automatically marks conversations as "Won" when they meet your goal criteria, such as scheduling a meeting using your Calendly link, you can now manually mark conversations as "Won" or "Lost" from the conversation page by clicking on the "More" icon next to a lead's name and selecting "Mark as won" or "Mark as lost".

Fixes & improvements

  • We now show the local time of the lead in the conversation page.
  • Added ability to edit follow-up interval after creating it.
  • We now continue to generate messages for other campaigns when one campaign has reached its todo limit.
  • Added an option to delete an entire conversation, not only individual messages.
  • The conversations page now scrolls to the bottom when loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where responses to out-of-office message were generated immediately instead of after the out-of-office period.

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