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B2B sales with AI

Grow your business exponentially with predictable, fully-automated sales using cutting-edge AI.

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The AI sales platform

Turn B2B sales into a fully scalable and fully autonomous system with artificial intelligence.

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SimpleHash, Svix,, Infisical, CoCEO

Holistic tooling

FirstQuadrant encompasses a complete suite of AI tools for inbound, outbound, and nurturing sales, ensuring a unified approach to relationship management.

Reach your leads

FirstQuadrant automatically finds and enriches leads based on your targeting. Sending out messages to the right person at the right time.

In-depth lead sourcing

Find the right leads based on your ICP either through our built-in prospecting tool or by importing a CSV.

Comprehensive lead enrichment

FirstQuadrant aggregates data from various sources to create a detailed profile of each prospect.

I don’t say this lightly, but FirstQuadrant is absolutely astounding. In less than a month, FirstQuadrant booked multiple meetings on a weekly basis without me lifting a finger. My mind is blown.
Matthew Dukes
Founder, CoCEO

Extensive deliverability

Ensuring emails reach inboxes with end-to-end deliverability solutions.

Custom domains

FirstQuadrant acquires customized domains for your outbound activities, notably enhancing your email deliverability and circumventing spam filters.

Google mailboxes

FirstQuadrant automatically generates Google Workspace mailboxes for your email campaigns to optimize message delivery.

Email warming

FirstQuadrant efficiently warms up new mailboxes, enhancing email credibility and ensuring undeterred reach to your potential clients' inboxes.

DMARC records

FirstQuadrant makes use of DMARC, ensuring your sales-oriented emails are secured, trusted, and successfully land in your prospects' inboxes.

Email verification

FirstQuadrant utilizes email verification to authenticate addresses, ensuring your outbound messages reach genuine and active email boxes.

Spam checker

FirstQuadrant ensures optimal email delivery by continuously utilizing spam checkers to detect and counteract potential delivery issues.

Personalized messaging

Through the use of comprehensive lead enrichment and GPT-4, FirstQuadrant is able to create personalized and dynamic messages for each prospect.

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Engaging conversations

FirstQuadrant seamlessly manages and responds to incoming emails, ensuring engaging and call-to-action oriented conversations with every prospect.

Independent objection handling

FirstQuadrant addresses objections using company data and predefined sales scripts.

Dynamic follow-ups

FirstQuadrant autonomously coordinates precise, timely follow-ups with prospects.

Responsive replies

FirstQuadrant classifies incoming emails and responds smartly and independently.

Context-aware actionsComing soon

FirstQuadrant determines the most effective next step in interactions with prospects.

Coming soon

Intelligent CRM nurturing

FirstQuadrant reactivates dormant CRM contacts by leveraging external triggers such as company updates to pro-actively send timely, relevant messages.

Comprehensive analytics

Get an in-depth view of your sales performance, and track and measure the overall effectiveness of your inbound, outbound and nurturing strategies.

Initiate autopilot

Take control, or let the AI lead — approve outgoing messages manually or switch on autopilot and let FirstQuadrant handle campaigns and schedule calls fully autonomously.

Designed & engineered for performance

FirstQuadrant is meticulously designed for the modern sales organization and comes with a variety of additional features.

Lightning fast

Get your B2B outbound activities up and running in no time with our ultra-fast, intuitive interface and shortcuts for all major actions.

Open and link tracking

Gain critical insights into prospect behavior with our tracking system. Know when your email is opened and links clicked.

Calendly and integrations

Set your conversion goals easily with our seamless integration with the most popular scheduling apps and ensure efficient meeting arrangements.

Unlimited seats

With FirstQuadrant, there's no limit to teamwork. Our pricing includes unlimited users option, allowing the entire team to collaborate.

Comprehensive analytics

Gain insight into the effectiveness of your outbound sales with our analytics dashboard. Track your progress and measure conversion rates.

Dark mode

Experience seamless transitions between light and dark themes in FirstQuadrant based on your preference.

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