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    YC-backed AI sales platform FirstQuadrant acquires Flike

    San Francisco, CA — FirstQuadrant, a leading AI sales platform, is excited to announce its acquisition of Flike. This acquisition supports FirstQuadrant's mission to empower tech companies to achieve sustained, exponential growth through cutting-edge AI sales automation.

    Strategic acquisition for enhanced growth

    This strategic acquisition aligns with FirstQuadrant's commitment to fostering progress across the tech industry by leveraging cutting-edge AI. Both FirstQuadrant and Flike are backed by Y Combinator and focus heavily on large language models to power their applications.

    "Our goal is to drive transformative growth across the tech industry," said Carlo Badini, co-founder and CEO of FirstQuadrant. "The acquisition of Flike is an important step towards expanding our capabilities and supporting our clients in reaching their sales targets."

    Anand Chowdhary, co-founder and CTO of FirstQuadrant, added, "We are excited about the potential this acquisition brings to enhance our offerings and deliver even more value to our customers."

    Flike has established itself as a trusted partner for ambitious sales teams, with notable customers such as Brex and Brightspot. This asset deal will allow both companies to focus on their core strengths and continue delivering exceptional customer value.

    About FirstQuadrant

    FirstQuadrant is dedicated to accelerating growth in the tech industry through its scalable AI sales platform. By providing tools for inbound, outbound, and nurturing sales, FirstQuadrant helps B2B businesses to fully automate and enhance their sales processes.

    About Flike

    Flike is renowned for its AI-driven sales co-pilot, which helps sales teams generate personalized messages and improve engagement rates. With a strong customer base including Brex and Brightspot, Flike supports sales teams in achieving their goals.