May 1, 2023

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's create new campaign page in dark mode

    Dark theme (beta)

    Today, we're launching FirstQuadrant in dark! This is a feature that's very helpful when burning the midnight oil, and we're excited to finally make it available. By default, we'll use your system theme, but you can also choose to always use the dark or light theme by going to "Settings" -> "Preferences" and selecting your preferred theme.

    Select team members per campaign

    You can now select which team members a campaign will be sent out as, and we'll only use the mailboxes connected to those team members when creating conversations. This is useful if you want to limit access to a campaign to a subset of your team or if each of your team members wants to set up their own campaign.

    Mark conversations as lost after a delay when a sequence completes

    We no longer mark conversations as lost immediately when a sequence completes. Instead, we'll wait for a delay, defaulting to one week, before marking the conversation as lost; this is useful if you want to give your prospects a chance to respond to your last message before marking the conversation as lost, and you can configure this by heading to "Settings" under "Mark conversations as lost".

    Fixes & improvements

    • Added a setting to determine frequency of automated follow-ups for unresponded replies.
    • Fixed a bug where out-of-office emails with missing names after person enrichment.
    • We now only schedule a certain number of emails per week per mailbox, and postpone the rest to the next week.
    • Fixed a bug where editing a campaign's weekly budget would not work.
    • We now show a warming message when the goal link is missing in a first-contact message.
    • Added name truncation in the navbar.
    • Improved the UI of dialogs across the app.
    • We now allow you to connect a preexisting audience to a new campaign.
    • We automatically create new messages if you delete or snooze a message.
    • Moved account settings with team settings in a single view.