May 8, 2023

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's setting to select a goal link for each team member

Goal link per team member

You can now set a goal link for each team member, for example their own Calendly scheduling link, instead of using the same call-to-action throughout the campaign. You can configure the link for each team member by going to "Settings" -> "Scheduling links", which can be overwritten per campaign.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added full support for self-serve email warming by adding an App password.
  • Added Changelog to view new updates and improvements to FirstQuadrant.
  • For customers using Slack Connect, we now show a direct link to the Slack channel under "Help and support".
  • We've improved the click tracking accuracy by using a client-side redirect rather than a server-side one.
  • We now standardize company names by removing suffixes like "...LLC" and "...Real Estate Inc." when generating emails.
  • Fixed an error in the layout of incoming emails if they had a long paragraph in quotes.
  • Fixed a bug where existing emails were not unscheduled when archiving a campaign.
  • We now directly use an existing audience when connected if it's not used in another audience.
  • Improved interface of the "Goal" section of the campaign creation flow.

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