May 29, 2023

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's personalized fields feature

Personalized fields (preview)

To further improve email personalization, we're introducing personalized fields. Personalized fields allow you to add a personal touch to your emails by supplying additional context about each user or the offering in your campaign. This information is then used when generating emails, for example mentioning the fact that the user went to the same university as the recipient, that they previously worked at the same company, or that they're both members of the same community. For offerings, it could be for example relevant case studies.

You can add personalized fields when creating a campaign by clicking the "Add field" button after selecting team members or offerings. You can then name the field you want to add, and add info information you want to include. You can add as many personalized fields as you want, and FirstQuadrant will smartly use any relevant information in emails.

Personalized fields are currently in preview; if you'd like to try them out, go to Settings -> Feature preview and enable "Personalized fields".

Fixes & improvements

  • You can now edit and update the offering when creating a campaign.
  • Added a "notification dot" badge for new values of enriched fields.
  • Improved UI of reclassifying received emails to generate replies.
  • Added a new system for avatars which finds images for leads using several services like LinkedIn, Gravatar, and more.
  • Improved copy for actions in all confirmation alerts and dialogs.
  • Added additional checks to ensure audiences are not empty when creating campaigns.

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