June 26, 2023

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's Calendly integration

Sync with and Calendly

We're happy to ship our integration with and Calendly — we previously allowed you to connect your Calendly account to automatically mark conversations as "won" when a meeting was booked, but now we're taking it a step further. With this new integration, each member of your team can sync both bookings and meeting links from their and Calendly accounts to FirstQuadrant. In "Settings" -> "Scheduling links", you can select the default scheduling link for each team member. As always, you can also override the default scheduling link when creating a campaign.

Fixes & improvements

  • You can now select which personalized fields to use for team members and offerings when creating a campaign.
  • Fixed a bug where single new lines in email body were converted to paragraphs.
  • Added tooltips to all places where we show relative time (e.g., 2 days ago).
  • Under the hood, FirstQuadrant now includes built-in spam testing for each mailbox.

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