July 10, 2023

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's custom domain tracking feature

Custom domain tracking

FirstQuadrant automatically provisions custom domains and mailboxes for outbound emails. With the new custom domain tracking feature, we will now use your custom domain to track opens and clicks. This will improve your deliverability and make your analytics more accurate. We've also added UTM tracking to redirects from your custom domain to your website, so you can additionally source traffic from FirstQuadrant.

Fixes & improvements

  • Improved classification of emails in the navigation bar.
  • Improved UI of all form fields across the app.
  • Fixed a bug where the light theme was applied, disregarding system preferences.
  • Make scheduling calls the default option when creating a new campaign.
  • Fixed a bug with importing CSVs with long column values.
  • Fixed a bug where the progress to autopilot could sometimes be incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where boolean enriched fields showed the wrong value while updating.

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