August 7, 2023

Screenshot of filters in FirstQuadrant


We've added a humble, yet an extremely powerful new feature to FirstQuadrant: filters. You can add filters to almost all views to find exactly what you're looking for. For example, you can filter conversations by campaign, team member, or mailbox; campaign by running status; or audit log events by type. You can also filter lost conversations by reason, for example whether a prospect responded negatively, did not respond, the message bounced, or so on.

Fixes & improvements

  • We've made creating campaigns much faster after training.
  • Updated the dark theme to be darker and more consistent across the app.
  • We now show a shorter name of organizations after removing any suffixes like "Inc." or "LLC".
  • Updated the timeline copy when a follow-up is being generated.
  • Updated the back button when training a new campaign to go back to the creating step.
  • Fixed some follow-up conversations that were showing up under "First contact" in the navigation.
  • Fixed an issue where reclassifying emails was not working.
  • Fixed a bug where generated messages sometimes had a "Subject:" prefix.
  • Fixed a bug where FirstQuadrant was previously unable to create a response to very long message threads.
  • Fixed a bug where follow-ups were sometimes generated too early.
  • Removed selecting existing contacts when creating a new audience.

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