August 21, 2023

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's LinkedIn work history feature

    LinkedIn work history

    With intelligent leads sourcing, FirstQuadrant finds the right leads based on your ICP and automatically adds them to your audience, showing you the most relevant information about them including a link to their LinkedIn profile. Today, we're adding their work history directly to the context panel, so you can see where they've worked and what they've done in the past, and FirstQuadrant uses this information to write more relevant messages to them.

    Fixes & improvements

    • You can now create, remove, or reschedule follow-ups directly from the todo view.
    • We've added additional randomness to the timing when sending emails to make them look more natural.
    • We've switched to a new method for email open tracking, providing higher deliverability.
    • FirstQuadrant now uses a greater number of messages to learn from, which should improve the quality of the messages it writes.
    • Customers can now only sign up for the waiting list once.
    • We've switched to a new service to detect languages of web pages, which should be more accurate.
    • We've updated our authentication system to use short-lived tokens for increased security.
    • Fixed a bug where we previously didn't update available lead count after a subscription was changed.
    • Fixed a bug where the previous/next navigation was unavailable in the todo view.