September 4, 2023

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's settings page

    Quality of life improvements

    For the next few weeks, we'll be focusing on improving the quality of life for our users by adding some small, most-requested features and squashing bugs. This week, we've made a few improvements to the AI training process, and we've also made it easier to manage your team's users.

    • Fixed a bug where using keyboard navigation for submitting forms would not be disabled during loading.
    • Fixed spacing in the context panel when not all data is available.
    • Performance improvements in standardizing company names (e.g., removing "Inc." and "LLC").
    • We no longer create goal events for conversations that are deleted.
    • We now allow you to delete the only message in a conversation thread.
    • We now delete the relevant AI training data whenever a generated message is deleted.
    • We now send a welcome email to new users who are invited to a team.
    • We now show the specific line numbers when an uploaded CSV file has errors.
    • We now unschedule any future messages after a reply is received.
    • We now use your team's timezone as fallback if a lead's timezone is unknown.