January 24, 2024

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's analytics view on mobile

Introducing the new FirstQuadrant

For the past few months, we've been redesigning FirstQudrant from the ground up, and today, we're proud to announce the new FirstQuadrant: An all-in-one AI sales platform that turns B2B sales into a fully scalable and fully autonomous system.

The new FirstQuadrant encompasses a complete suite of AI tools for inbound, outbound, and nurturing sales, ensuring a unified approach to relationship management. FirstQuadrant handles everything — from sourcing leads or integrating with your CRM, enriching contacts, to converting sales. It operates autonomously yet allows for full control over the tone and content of messages; you can choose full autonomy or manually approve every message.

We're rolling out the redesigned campaign creation experience along with our new AI platform to all users over the next few days, and we'll be sharing more details about upcoming features in the coming weeks.

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