February 5, 2024

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's forwarded flow

Forwarded and out-of-office referrals

FirstQuadrant automatically handles replies for you, be it positive replies nudging the conversation towards scheduling a call, negative replies to unsubscribe leads, or answering frequently asked questions. Today, we're taking it a step further by introducing referred contacts from forwarded and out-of-office responses. When a prospect is out of office and refers to someone else, or if they mention another colleague who we should talk to, FirstQuadrant will automatically add the referred contact a new sequence and continue the conversation.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added support for parsing and displaying calendar invitatio and update emails.
  • Prospecting for a larger number of leads in a new campaign is now much faster.
  • Added an option for not generating a response when a negative reply is received.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple actions would be displayed on the "Todo" view for the same contact.
  • Fixed a bug where messages would stay under "Scheduling" for much longer than expected.
  • Added support for manually marking contacts as won, lost, or open when they are in multiple campaigns.
  • Added legal notice to the footer of the website.
  • Fixed a bug where the delay after starting a campaign and generating the first email was too long.
  • We no longer mark contacts as lost after an errored response when they previously replied to a message.
  • Updated audio on the homepage for opening and closing the waiting list form.

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