February 12, 2024

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's forwarding settings

    CRM forwarding

    We've been thinking about how to make it easier for you to manage your FirstQuadrant leads in your existing CRM. As a first step, we've added the ability to forward all emails to your CRM. This is an easy way to keep your CRM up to date with the latest information about all your prospects. FirstQuadrant now lets you add BCC email addresses which are added to all outgoing emails, and forwarding addresses where all incoming emails are forwarded. You can add these addresses in Settings -> Campaigns, and you can add as many addresses as you like.

    Fixes & improvements

    • Made the training process faster by prospecting more contacts in the background.
    • Added a view to check the status of each row in a CSV import.
    • Added checks to ensure that role-based emails are not reached out to in campaigns.
    • Added support for automatically marking running campaigns as "Exhaused" when no more contacts are available.
    • Renamed "Start campaign" to "Update campaign" when changing settings of a running campaign.
    • Campaigns with a reply goal no longer mark contacts as "won" when a negative, error, or out-of-office reply is received.
    • We no longer outreach referred contacts in out-of-office or forwarded replies if they are already in a campaign.
    • When a "More information requested" reply is regenerated, we now ask the mentioned questions again.
    • Fixed a bug where follow-ups sometimes addressed incorrect people when a new person was referred in an out-of-office reply.
    • Fixed a bug where you might sometimes see a message not sent from your account in a thread when multiple campaigns outreach the same contact.
    • Fixed an error where one of the bar charts in the Analytics page was not displayed correctly.