February 19, 2024

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's sender reputation scores

Sender reputation scores

As part of our extensive built-in email deliverability features, FirstQuadrant uses industry-leading email warming to keep your emails out of spam and increase your sending reputation. We now show you the real-time sender reputation score to help you understand how warm each of your mailboxes is. Your reputation score is calculated by FirstQuadrant based on what percent of your emails are delivered to the inbox and how many are marked as spam, as FirstQuadrant automatically sends emails to several email addresses to monitor the delivery of these emails to the inbox.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added a new view, Replies, for viewing and managing all replies to outbound emails.
  • Added a new Settings -> Audit log view for viewing all activity of a team.
  • Improved loading state UI for generating training previews.
  • Editing existing audiences is now supported and smartly updates the audience data.
  • Fixed a bug where referred contacts sometimes considered senders themselves.
  • Automatically approve relevant all todos when autopilot is enabled for a campaign.
  • Updated email scheduling daily limits to use the sender's timezone instead of UTC.
  • The new training flow is now the default for all customers.
  • Fixed an error where campaigns were prematurely marked as exhausted after prospecting was completed.

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