February 26, 2024

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's AI prospecting feature

AI prospecting (preview)

AI prospecting is a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you find relevant leads that match your ICP. After you select an audience using traditional filters (e.g., Founders of Series A startups in the Marketing industry headquartered in San Francisco), you can ask custom questions like "Is this company remote work-friendly?" or "Is this company funded by Y Combinator?" and your prospects will be filtered to match your criteria.

AI prospecting is currently in preview; if you'd like to try them out, go to Settings -> Feature preview and enable "AI prospecting". Then, you will see new AI prospecting features when you create or edit a campaign under "Audience".

Fixes & improvements

  • Allow selecting text in preview emails during the training process.
  • Improved enriched fields performance by using multiple web search queries to find the best match.
  • Fixed an error where added domains did not correctly add DMARC records.
  • Fixed a bug where out-of-office referrals did not correctly refer to the new recipient in follow-ups.
  • Fixed a bug where sometime variables replaced in training templates included quotation marks.
  • Updated email reply parsing library for better support of different email clients.
  • Updated suppression lists to support email addresses and LinkedIn profile URLs.
  • Updated background processed to schedule generated messages more frequently to improve performance.
  • Updated the logic to mark running campaigns as "Exhausted" only after all messages are sent.
  • Updated training message previews in running campaigns to use previously prospected contacts.

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