March 4, 2024

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's mailboxes page

    Additional email providers

    With first-party support for additional email providers such as Yahoo!, iCloud, AOL Mail, Zoho, Fastmail, and others, you can now connect almost any email account to FirstQuadrant for sending outbound emails. Additionally, you can connect any custom mailbox using SMTP and IMAP. This will enable you to use FirstQuadrant regardless of your email provider, which was previously limited to only Google Workspace.

    Fixes & improvements

    • Added a feature to send a test email from each mailbox to verify the connection.
    • Updated scheduling approved emails more frequently in the background.
    • Fixed a bug where the refresh token was not updated after reconnecting a mailbox.
    • Updated screenshot for analytics on homepage.
    • Changed paths to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages.
    • Updated interface for conversations to show which mailbox was used to send an email.
    • Updated detection for sent emails to improve accuracy.