March 11, 2024

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's mailboxes import page

Bulk import mailboxes

Last week, we shipped first-party support for additional email providers such as Yahoo!, iCloud, AOL Mail, Zoho, Fastmail, and others, and now you can bulk import mailboxes from any provider using a CSV file. We also made it easier to import mailboxes from popular providers by adding new one-click import buttons in Settings -> Mailboxes -> Connect mailboxes.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added fuzzy editing commands to editor, such as "Shorten", "Lengthen", "Rewrite", and "Fix mistakes".
  • We now autofill audience filters based on your ICP when creating a new campaign.
  • Added a new feature to suggest an ICP based on your offering details.
  • Fixed a bug where emails added to CC were not used to determine mentioned persons in forwarded or referral emails.
  • Fixed a bug with domain redirects not working properly.
  • We now send actionable reply notifications to all customers' Slack Connect channels.
  • Fixed a bug where different mailboxes may be used when sending follow-ups to the same contact.
  • Updated background scheduled to only schedule emails from enabled mailboxes.
  • All job titles and other tags are now available when creating an audience.
  • Fixed an error where the initial form state in some cases was not being set correctly.

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