March 18, 2024

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's todo view showing classifications

    Filter by reply classifications

    In the Actions -> Todo view, you can now view the reply classifications for each todo. You can now also filter the view by reply classification and team member, along with campaign and priority. This will help you to better manage your todos and prioritize your work, for example approving high-value replies first and turning on Autopilot for low-value replies.

    Fixes & improvements

    • Add new webhook event for enrichedFieldValue.errored to be notified when we are unable to enrich a field.
    • Added support for editing existing enriched fields.
    • Fixed a bug when pressing on "Send now" would not work when an email was already scheduled.
    • Fixed a bug where "Send now" was not working when autopilot was enabled for outbound sequences.
    • Fixed a bug where BCC and forwarder addresses were not correctly working in certain cases.
    • Fixed a bug where certain analytics were incorrectly displayed.
    • Fixed a bug where filtering todos by campaigns was not working for replies.
    • Fixed a bug where follow-ups to "Maybe later" replies were incorrectly scheduled.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes links in the email body were converted to plain text.
    • Increased open tracking to 20% of all sent emails when enabled for quicker reporting.
    • Refactored filtering for headcounts from 1k to 10k into two separate ranges, 1k to 5k and 5k to 10k.
    • Support for adding additional contacts to imported CSV audiences by uploading a new file.
    • Updated interface for regenerating emails.
    • Updated scheduling to send approved emails immediately rather than after 30 minutes.
    • Updated sorting imported audience rows by most recently updated.
    • We now schedule autopilot replies immediately after creating them.
    • Add notes under feature preview.