March 25, 2024

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's conversations view

Redesigned conversations

We're happy to launch a redesigned conversations view in FirstQuadrant. This new layout is designed to make viewing the conversation history and upcoming messages easier and more intuitive, and to make approving and sending messages more efficient. We've added a new floating action bar at the bottom that allows you to quickly approve the current action, regenerate messages, delete threads, and snooze todos. When you open a contact page, we now scroll to the most relevant message and use a dotted timeline to show you theoretically upcoming messages such as follow-ups.

Fixes & improvements

  • Add support for excluding industry when creating or updating an audience.
  • Add support for regenerating emails after updating training in a campaign.
  • Add suppression lists for company domains and names.
  • Added Qualification as a separate step in the campaign creation process if enabled in feature preview.
  • You can now edit the default qualification criteria if Qualification is enabled in feature preview.
  • When sending an email, the mailbox's name is now included in the From header.
  • Updated inbound email classification to make it more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of the click-to-open rate in Analytics.
  • Updated running campaigns logic to only stop generating first contacts when all mailboxes are used up.
  • Added filtering todos by campaign contact status and engagements such as opens and clicks.
  • Fix a bug where time tooltips were showing the incorrect time.
  • We no longer show engagement events in the timeline when an email is opened.
  • Removed selecting the campaign type (inbound, outbound, or nurturing) when creating a campaign.
  • Added support for renaming a campaign.
  • Fixed a bug where some links were not replaced with the tracking link in sent emails.
  • We no longer include automated replaces like out-of-office in the reply rate in Analytics.
  • You can now forward any emails from FirstQuadrant to yourself.
  • When you pause a campaign, we now show you options to unschedule emails.
  • Improved the quality of generating brand nicknames from legal company names.
  • Improved the quality of replies when links to schedule meetings are added.

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