April 8, 2024

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's data export page

Data export

We've added a new feature that allows you to export all your data from FirstQuadrant. You can now export all your data in CSV format, including companies, contacts, campaigns, emails, clicks, opens, identifiers, and more. Using this feature, you can easily back up your data, or use it for further analysis in other tools, for example creating custom reports in Google Sheets. To export your data, go to the Settings -> Data export.

We're continuing to work on a big update that adds several features to support inbound campaigns shortly, and we already shipped some of these under feature preview. This update includes the finalized schema for adding contacts to campaigns and a new and improved API for the same. We'll share more details next week!

Fixes & improvements

  • Optimized database queries for much faster analytics.
  • Show app version and last updated at in Help & support.
  • Add API for integrations for campaign audiences.
  • Add option for filtering 200-500 headcount companies during prospecting.
  • Fixed an error that prevented syncing email headers.
  • Fixed an error during email classification.

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