May 13, 2024

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's Integrations page

    HubSpot integration (preview)

    One of the most requested features is finally here! You can now connect your HubSpot account to FirstQuadrant to sync your suppression list. Before a contact is added to an audience, we will make sure that they do not already exist in your CRM. This way, you can be sure you're not reaching out to contacts who you have already contacted through other channels. In the next week, we will be adding support for syncing contacts and companies between FirstQuadrant and HubSpot, so your CRM is always up-to-date with the latest information.

    HubSpot integration is currently in feature preview; if you'd like to try it out, go to Settings -> Feature preview and enable "CRM integrations". Then, you will see new Integrations tab in Settings, where you can connect your HubSpot account.

    Fixes & improvements

    • Add support for additional descriptions in additional qualifying questions.
    • Ask whether a new qualification criteria should work on existing contacts too.
    • Allow adding coupon codes when setting up a new subscription from Settings -> Billing.
    • Allow requesting a new preview while the existing preview is refreshing during campaign setup.
    • Ask whether to delete previously prospected contacts when updating an audience's filters.
    • Fixed a bug in deleting existing contacts when updating an audience.
    • Redesigning Sequence preview to clearly show changed phrases from the original template.
    • Add internal support for testing Zapier integration coming soon.