May 20, 2024

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's replies feature with a follow-up

Brain (preview)

Today, we're proud to launch in preview one of the biggest improvements to FirstQuadrant's AI since its inception: the Brain. Brain is the codename of our new AI agent that can take actions on your behalf in response to incoming messages.

Previously, we used a rule-based approach based on the classification of emails, for example automatically unsubscribing contacts who responded negatively, but this was not always the correct action to take. Going forward, Brain will be able to reason about the context of the entire conversation history and take most appropriate actions autonomously. Under the hood, it uses GPT-4o (omni), the smartest AI model, and can also flag conversations for human review if it's unsure about the correct action to take, where you can take charge and make the final decision. It also decided how many follow-ups are appropriate or when to stop sending emails to a contact, just like a human would.

We're going to continue to improve Brain over the coming weeks and months, and we're excited to see how it can help you save time and close more deals. Brain is currently in feature preview; if you'd like to try it out, go to Settings -> Feature preview and enable "Brain", and all new replies will be processed by Brain.

Fixes & improvements

  • Add notifications for reasoning and actions in Slack Connect channel threads.
  • Add support for Exhausting campaign status when a campaign is about to get exhausted.
  • Fixed a bug where the text "Subject: " was not allowed in the body of an email.
  • We now automatically mark old leads as lost based on your team settings.
  • Fixed a bug where follow-ups for "Maybe later" replies were not correctly scheduled.
  • Improved background processes to increase the volume of future emails generated.
  • We now show you the reasoning behind each action taken in the conversation history.