May 20, 2024

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's language settings

Multilingual support (preview)

We are excited to announce that FirstQuadrant campaigns now support multiple languages! This means you can create campaigns not only in English (US), but also English (UK), Dutch, French, German, Romanian, and Hindi, and our AI will not only send highly personalized sequences in the right language, but also understand and respond to contacts in their preferred language. We will also be adding support for additional languages in the future.

Multilingual support is currently in feature preview; if you'd like to try it out, go to Settings -> Feature preview and enable "Multilingual support". Then, you will see a new language selector in Sequence when creating a new campaign.

Fixes & improvements

  • Add option to exclude specific campaigns when creating a new audience, rather than excluding all campaigns.
  • Add option to request access to integrations in preview.
  • Add support for Qualification for contacts in preview.
  • Fixed a bug where campaigns were sometimes using mailboxes that were not enabled for that particular campaign.
  • Fixed a bug where Qualification was not working when additional descriptions were not added.
  • Fixed a bug where Suppression lists were sometimes not visible in the settings navigation.
  • Under the hood, we now use AI to decide whether or not to follow-up with a contact based on their previous interactions, rather than a rule-based system.
  • Updated campaign API keys when creating an Integrate-type audience.
  • Updated the interface to also show disabled mailboxes if they were previously added to a campaign.
  • We have upgraded our systems to use GPT 4o, which is faster and more accurate than GPT 4-Turbo.
  • We now add referred people to the campaigns they were referred from for better analytics and tracking.
  • We now use oldest-to-newest contacts instead of randomly selecting contacts for new conversations in Integrate-type campaigns.
  • When duplicating a campaign, you can now copy the Qualification even if you do not copy the audience.
  • You can now select whether to sync all contacts to HubSpot, or only a subset (e.g., contacts who are goaled or reply).