June 3, 2024

Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's create API key page

FirstQuadrant API

We're excited to announce the release of the FirstQuadrant API. The API allows you to interact with FirstQuadrant programmatically, enabling you to automate your workflows and integrate FirstQuadrant with other tools. You can use the API to create and manage contacts, campaigns, and messages, as well as to retrieve data about your account and usage. You can also select scopes (read or write) for each key to control the level of access it has.

To create or manage API keys, head to Settings -> Integrations and click on "Settings" under FirstQuadrant API. You can visit the API reference to learn more about the available endpoints and how to use them.

Fixes & improvements

  • Add support for Superhuman reminders in history.
  • Updated time zone detection to use cached data for faster responses.
  • We now skip setting up additional follow-ups when a follow-up reminder is set.
  • Added support for exposing data added to a campaign using an integration.
  • We now use the existing thread when sending a message to a Slack channel about a contact.
  • Reordered prospecting filters, Current job title is now before Management position.
  • Added Exhausting campaign status to the interface when a campaign is about to be exhausted.
  • Fixed a bug in the Flag to human response action that caused the action to not be completed.
  • We now schedule messages for further in the future to generate more conversations in advance.