June 17, 2024

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's API docs for goal completion

    Goal completion API

    We've added support for creating goal completions via the FirstQuadrant API. This allows you to programmatically mark contacts in a campaign as "won", enabling you to automate your workflows and integrate FirstQuadrant with other tools. You only have to specify a single identifier, such as contact email, campaign contact ID, contact ID, or nested metadata to find the contact you want to mark as "won", and it works across all campaigns.

    To create or manage API keys, head to Settings -> Integrations and click on "Settings" under FirstQuadrant API. You can visit the Create a goal completion API reference to learn more about the endpoint.

    Fixes & improvements

    • Redesigned Settings -> Mailboxes to show running campaigns for each connected mailbox.
    • You can now reassign campaigns to other team members.
    • We now use percentage points in Analytics when comparing percentages like open rate.
    • Sequences now are aware of the current date when generating emails.
    • We now automatically rewrite emails if they are marked as spam by certain email providers.
    • Add invoking step for scheduling moment.
    • Publish press release about FirstQuadrant acquiring Flike.
    • Fixed a bug where re-qualifying existing contacts was not immediately reflected in the contact's status.
    • Cannot have more than 5000 events in a batch.
    • Fixed a bug where contacts added via the integration were marked as "Errored" if they did not include metadata.
    • Fixed a bug where todos were generated even if Autopilot was enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where campaigns continued to run even after there were sufficient first contacts.
    • Increased concurrency for scheduling emails to make the process faster.
    • We now randomize the test email's content to prevent it being marked as spam by certain email providers.
    • We now store the most recent errors when sending emails for each mailbox for easier debugging.