June 24, 2024

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's Snooze options

    Snooze todo options

    Previously, if you did not want to deal with a particular todo immediately, you could snooze a todo to receive a reminder the following week, or view it on the "Snoozed" view. Now, you can select whether to receive a reminder the following day, weekend, or week.

    We've also been working on many quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes to make your experience with FirstQuadrant even better. You can find the full list of almost 50 changes we've made in the past week below.

    Fixes & improvements

    • Added viewing and downloading attachments in received emails.
    • Added a new feature to swap mailboxes while campaigns are running.
    • Add Slack notifications for goal events.
    • Added form description about offering details when creating or updating a campaign.
    • Added the option to open links added in the rich text editor in a new tab.
    • Doubled the concurrency of sending emails to improve performance.
    • Improved performance of the Settings -> Usage page through a new caching mechanism.
    • Improved the interface of conversations by scrolling to the bottom when opening a thread.
    • Optimized the database size by no longer storing raw email headers in deliverability tests.
    • Remove the CTA in the footer of all landing pages such as changelog entries.
    • Removed determining the number of follow-ups dynamically when using the Brain.
    • Removed legacy email warming features from Settings -> Mailboxes and Domains.
    • Renamed "Filter question" to "Qualifying question" when selecting Qualification.
    • Renamed "Training" to "Sequence" when selecting a Sequence.
    • Updated the Brain to use recommended actions, such as unsubscribing contacts who respond negatively.
    • Updated the quality of replies which now include the scheduling link by default.
    • Updated the spam score metric to use 100% as the maximum score instead of out of 10.
    • We have now made selecting Qualification mandatory when creating a campaign.
    • We no longer sync social media identifiers to HubSpot because some accounts did not have the fields.
    • We now adapt the contact's name to the version they prefer, for example formal or nickname.
    • We now create goals and mark contacts as "won" when new calendar events are scheduled.
    • We now expose errors when uploading a CSV when importing contacts as soon as it's selected.
    • We now list the variables in the order they were added when creating a Sequence.
    • We now mark contacts in campaigns as "won" if a calendar event is scheduled via email.
    • We now only mark contacts as "lost" after minimum delay when no follow-up is scheduled.
    • We now show each mailbox's real-time spam score in Settings -> Mailboxes.
    • We now skip any disabled or errored mailboxes when syncing calendar events.
    • We now skip syncing spam tests when no email address is available.
    • We now use a weighed random selection when selecting which mailbox to send from based on previous usage.
    • We now use the iCal UID to deduplicate calendar events so they do not appear multiple times.
    • When a contact sends their own scheduling link, the Brain can now correctly flag to a human.
    • Fixed a bug where a localhost URL was displayed when creating an Integrate-type audience.
    • Fixed a bug where calendar events were sometimes incorrectly synced to the wrong team.
    • Fixed a bug where campaigns' scheduling window was not respected when creating follow-ups.
    • Fixed a bug where contacts in campaigns were marked as "lost" even if an open todo exists.
    • Fixed a bug where filtering for Reply classifications did not include all contacts at times.
    • Fixed a bug where link tracking didn't work for some emails because of URL encoding issues.
    • Fixed a bug where pressing "Delete thread" did not correctly delete all follow-ups.
    • Fixed a bug where previously deleted mailboxes were incorrectly deleted even after adding them back.
    • Fixed a bug where some scheduling emails were incorrectly classified as Calendar events.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes multiple "Marked as lost" breadcrumbs were displayed.
    • Fixed a bug where spam scores were not correctly synced because of incorrect code injection.
    • Fixed a bug where the AI sometimes recommended specific times for scheduling that were not available.
    • Fixed a bug where the Brain incorrectly flagged again after a human already answered questions.
    • Fixed a bug where the unscheduling prompt was not displayed when pausing an Exhausting campaign.
    • Fixed the color of training variable results in dark theme.
    • Fixed the content of the example CSV when importing contacts.
    • Fixed the UI of popover elements to add overflow scrolling when needed.