July 1, 2024

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's archive contacts feature

    Archive contacts

    You can now archive contacts, informing FirstQuadrant that you will manually take over the relationship with that contact. Archiving a contact means that FirstQuadrant will no longer generate todos related to that contact, and any new emails from them will not be processed but will instead be forwarded to your primary email inbox. You can archive a contact by clicking the "Archive" button in the contact's settings, or by enabling "Automatically archive contacts" when they are marked as "won" or reply to your email in your team settings.

    Over the past two weeks, we have also been working on several quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes to make your experience with FirstQuadrant even better. You can find the full list of almost 40 changes we've made in the past week below.

    Fixes & improvements

    • Add searching contacts by identifiers such as email address or phone number.
    • Added support for Swiss German in multilingual support (preview).
    • Adding support for excluding current job titles when creating a prospecting audience.
    • Added concurrency settings for processing multiple emails from the same contact sequentially.
    • Improved performance of background cron jobs by reducing overhead.
    • Improved performance of syncing spam test results for emails.
    • Redesign primary navigation with Actions, Conversations, Campaigns, and Analytics.
    • Redesigned Settings -> Integrations page with calendar integrations.
    • Redeveloped sequence generation to reduce the number of AI credits used per sequence.
    • Updated Actions page with "Status: Todo" filters which can be edited for Snoozed and Completed actions.
    • Updated Brain so it does not incorrectly flag a to human after receiving feedback.
    • Updated Brain so it does not perform any other actions when flagging a to human.
    • Updated Brain to recommend no follow-ups when replying to negatively classified emails.
    • Updated interface for Settings -> Integrations to add more services.
    • Updated responsive interface to allow for horizontal scrolling in views on smaller screens.
    • We now allow connecting the same mailboxes to multiple teams, for example for shared inboxes.
    • We now always show the up/down navigation based on which Actions or Contacts view you are in.
    • We now automatically deduplcate sequence steps when generating emails.
    • We now delete all existing actions and generated emails when archiving a contact.
    • We now explicitly mention that it is the last follow-up when generating the reply thread.
    • We now prioritize referral emails over new sequences when scheduling emails.
    • We now prioritize sequence follow-ups over new first contacts when scheduling emails.
    • When outreaching referred contacts from out-of-office replies, we now explicitly mention the referrer's email.
    • When updating your "Automatically archive contacts" settings, we ask whether you want to archive existing contacts.
    • Fixed a bug where creating Qualifications for imported audiences triggered a prospecting search.
    • Fixed a bug where CSV uploads with empty columns were not processed correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where deleting an action would also delete its associated email.
    • Fixed a bug where filtering contacts based on campaign goal was not working correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where recent emails were not correctly syncing at times.
    • Fixed a bug where regenerating a reply did not work correctly in some cases.
    • Fixed a bug where separate Todo actions were not generated when a contact was referred.
    • Fixed a bug where the classification of some emails were not displayed on the Todo page.
    • Fixed a bug where the navbar's Todo count was limited to 25 because of a bug in the API.
    • Fixed a bug where the preferred color scheme was not persisted locally.
    • Fixed an issue with sorting contacts with the most recent actions on top.