July 1, 2024

    Screenshot of FirstQuadrant's Autopilot sampling feature

    Autopilot sampling

    Almost a year ago, we introduced Autopilot, a way to truly automate actions on FirstQuadrant. When Autopilot is enabled, you don't have to manually approve generated Sequences and replies. Today, we're adding support for sampling, so you can choose to only enable Autopilot for a percentage of your contacts. This is useful if you want to test Autopilot on a small subset of your contacts before enabling it for all of your contacts.

    Over the past three weeks, we have also been working on several quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes to make your experience with FirstQuadrant even better. This week adds 13 improvements, brining our total to 96 changes in the past three weeks. We hope you enjoy these updates and look forward to hearing your feedback.

    Fixes & improvements

    • We now include the click tracking link in replies, which was previously limited to Sequences.
    • We now no longer mark open contacts as lost when scheduled if they are not already won.
    • We now only create Sequences for open contacts, skipping any won or lost contacts.
    • We now track and show AI credits usage in Settings -> Usage.
    • Added additional checks to ensure Sequences are correctly generated.
    • Added interface to see error details in when integrate-type audience rows fail.
    • Automatically delete associated tasks when deleting an action for Information requested replies or Manual actions.
    • Automatically delete scheduled and future emails when marking a contact in a campaign as "won" via API.
    • When Brain is enabled, Manual action required tasks are now labeled, e.g., "Schedule call" or "Send proposal".
    • When Brain is enabled, Manual action required tasks are redesigned to be more user-friendly.
    • When Brain is enabled, replies to negative emails should not send a reply if not warranted.
    • When Brain is enabled, we generate todos after completing a manual action.
    • When creating follow-ups, the last follow-up will now casually mention that it is the last follow-up.